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Problems 22 -41




22. Mutah does not require any witnesses which goes against social justice as it gives men the means to seduce women and then deny it.


23. This loopholes in mutah also gives lowly men & women the  opportunity to sleep with people in the same family. This is well proven by the cases in Iran where women in the same family sell sex through mutah and often mothers and daughters end up sleeping with fathers and sons to earn money.


24. A prostitute can do mutah with you provided you tell her to stop the trade after you have bought sex from her. This is a contradiction as first you do it with her and then tell her to stop doing it. 


25. You do not have to check if a woman is chaste before you do mutah with her.  A narration says that Imam Jaffer E Sadik allowed  men not to questions the background of a woman who permits them to do mutah. So the fikh rules allow you to do mutah with a woman who claims she is not married. But this is against the Quranic marriages where chastity and being single is a requirement.


26. If a woman is raped then the rapist has the loophole to claim he did mutah with her. This is because mutah does not need witnesses. This proves that mutah laws are full of flaws and in favour of rapists amd molesters. If a university student abuses a female student then he can claim she did mutah with him. Can God's laws be full of flaws and in favour of criminals? This fact is enought to prove that mutah does not fit in with the high standards of legislation required by the laws of God .


27. Child abusers can buy 'temporary child brides' from poverty stricken fathers. The UN has complied a report of how mutah laws have made it respectable for fathers to give their daughters for sex in places like Afghanistan. The men pay the fathers to say 'yes' and also give 'sweets' to young girls in order to touch them up. Can we accept that laws of Nabi Muhammad  can harbour such things when Nabi Muhammad was the protector of children?


28. If a child is born from mutah then the mutah law gives   the  final say to the man to accept the child to be his or not. This further highlights how mutah laws are made to serve the interest of men.